IncrediMail IMM to Windows Live Mail in Windows 8 – Perfect Conversion

After reading my IncrediMail to Live Mail blog post, a user contacted me and asks a query that can he copy IncrediMail IMM emails to Windows Live Mail in Windows 8 OS by using the IncrediMail Converter but he doesn’t have IncrediMail install in Windows 8? So I am sharing the answer to all of you who are also suffering from a same or similar situation.

The IncrediMail IMM Converter is unswerving solution that can smartly copy IncrediMail IMM folder into Windows Live Mail in Windows 8 OS machine. Without installation of IncrediMail, users can copy IMM files into Windows Live Mail or other email application – Outlook, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Mac Mail, Windows Mail, Entourage, etc in Windows 8. Continue reading