IncrediMail Export to Outlook with IncrediMail to Outlook Converter

Email clients are used everywhere & that is because of the reliability they provide for users. Email clients & emails are related with each other which means if a user has configured an email client then the email client must be using a default email file format which is unique for every email client. Everyone uses email clients & no business can survive without the use of email clients as they provide an option for the owner to maintain records or interact with customers. The two major types of email clients are desktop & web-based email clients.

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View IncrediMail Contacts, Emails with AddrBook.db3 Converter

This post is going to be helpful for users who at least have tried IncrediMail before and now also want to use it. This post will provide the solution to the user who is looking to view IncrediMail contacts and convert them into other popular format. For this user can try the manual way or they use IncrediMail Addrbook.db3 Converter.

What do you mean by IncrediMail?

IncrediMail is popular and a well-known email client which lets you use various IMAP and POP accounts. The user can also access great collections of sounds, emoticons, animations and stationery which you can use in your IncrediMail email client. IncrediMail also has latest mail notifies and 3D effects. IncrediMail also has a search engine which is fast and help you to search your IncrediMail files plus it also has filters and flag which allow to easily organizing emails. Continue reading

Simple Method to Convert emails from IncrediMail to MS Outlook & EML file format

If you are using IncrediMail files and want to convert .imm or .iml files into MS Outlook then you can use the SoftStella IncrediMail Converter. I was searching in online market then I got it and I found that it is really a powerful tool to convert IncrediMail files into .pst and .eml file format. Continue reading