IncrediMail Export to Outlook with IncrediMail to Outlook Converter

Email clients are used everywhere & that is because of the reliability they provide for users. Email clients & emails are related with each other which means if a user has configured an email client then the email client must be using a default email file format which is unique for every email client. Everyone uses email clients & no business can survive without the use of email clients as they provide an option for the owner to maintain records or interact with customers. The two major types of email clients are desktop & web-based email clients.

The following post will explain about the two email clients which are IncrediMail & MS Outlook & how users who get stuck at the migration from IncrediMail to MS Outlook will find an easy solution in this post. As both email clients have different file formats, IncrediMail uses IMM & IML file format, MS Outlook on the other uses PST as their main file format. Therefore, the user has to rely on third party application to perform the given migration from IncrediMail to MS Outlook. There is a manual method to do the conversion of IncrediMail to Outlook which is given below:

Manual method for IncrediMail 2.5 to Outlook

Before you will begin with this process, you should have to take the backup of all your IncrediMail files. Both IncrediMail & MS Outlook should be installed in the system.

  • Open IncrediMail, select emails for the conversion. Click the file menu>> click on save as, then save the file in EML format
  • The file which is saved will have EML as its extension
  • Select file & right click on the file, then open the file with MS Outlook
  • Browse to the file menu of MS Outlook
  • Choose save as option
  • This time save the file in MSG format
  • Now, the final step is to drag-drop all the MSG files to Outlook

There are advantages & disadvantages for this method which are shown below:


  • It is very easy for the technical users
  • The manual process is 100% free of cost


  • Process is very lengthy & confusing for most of technical users
  • There is a chance that there of losing data
  • The process won’t provide the option to migrate large number of files

Therefore, manual process has its limitations & cannot be trusted as a perfect method to do the conversion i.e. why the use of third party tool is evident. The tool will allow IncrediMail export to Outlook. IncrediMail to Outlook is a tool which does the job quite efficiently, more effectively. The tool would allow the viewing of resultant Outlook files in any given version of MS Outlook in both 32 & 64 bit. The tool is also able to export the corrupted IncrediMail emails to Outlook PST. The tool is compatible with every version of Windows operating system. You can easily export IncrediMail emails from both the version of IncrediMail email client which are 2.0 & 2.5. User can also able to generate a new PST file. There is an option of batch mode which allows the user to export the complete folder which has IncrediMail files.  Available


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