Transfer IncrediMail to Thunderbird by HOT IncrediMail IMM Converter

Transferring IncrediMail to Thunderbird is possible by using the IncrediMail IMM Converter program that assists anyone to Transfer IncrediMail to Thunderbird. When users have exigency to get the conversion of IncrediMail IMM to Thunderbird then users bear the trouble to transfer emails from IncrediMail to Thunderbird, because IncrediMail doesn’t allow exporting any email or data into other email client. Therefore the software has made and it proves an exact key for getting complete conversion result within few mouse click processing.

The IncrediMail Converter Software transfer IncrediMail emails to Thunderbird as it is saves previously. The Software would enable to transfer IncrediMail into MBOX Thunderbird with features – formatting (colors, font, text, html, etc.), Images, Header Information (date, bcc, time, to, subject, cc, from), etc. The Software will easily Import IncrediMail to Thunderbird then users can copy entire converted MBOX files and paste into Thunderbird file location and then users surely get entire IncrediMail into Thunderbird. The Thunderbird file folder location will be –


The Company of the IncrediMail Converter provides trial facility for users’ satisfaction on the software. Before getting IncrediMail Converter program, users can use trial edition and simply transfer 10 IMM IncrediMail files to MBOX Thunderbird at free of cost. For using Free Demo of IncrediMail Converter, just use the below link –

After that if anyone would like to get complete edition of the software then the licensed key of the Software is available at affordable cost. Use the mentioned link and make conversion processing from IncrediMail to Thunderbird very simple. –


One thought on “Transfer IncrediMail to Thunderbird by HOT IncrediMail IMM Converter

  1. riomanloora says:

    The software is useful for incredimail to thunderbird conversion and I had known it because recently I used the software to export incredimail emails to thunderbird. Its batch approach is amazing for instant conversion solution.

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